Group Work

Based on my experience, the most common question asked of entrepreneurs by non-entrepreneurs is: “Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?”

My standard initial response is: “It’s not for everyone.”

There is no easy answer to the question. Voluntarily giving up the safety and security of a traditional/permanent role can seem daunting…maybe even a little crazy. It takes a certain mindset to accept some inevitable uncertainty and ambiguity.

There are plenty of books, articles, and videos on what makes an excellent entrepreneur. They cover all sorts of criteria and considerations, like assessing your personal risk tolerance, establishing the feasibility of your business model, and understanding your unique selling proposition.

It’s also important to note that the landscape has changed significantly over the past couple of decades. Due to many factors (including the growing ‘gig’ economy), many people are trending toward self-employment, regardless of whether or not it’s their preference.

One of the most difficult aspects of being self-employed: Isolation. Possibly even loneliness.

Particularly early on in your new adventure, you might be spending much/most of your time by yourself. In your previous working situations, you might have had frequent interactions with your co-workers…it can be a massive culture shock to leave that behind. Even with co-working spaces, professional networking sites, and online meetings – all of which help to alleviate the central issue – the difference is striking.

So while it’s difficult to decide on becoming an entrepreneur, if you do move forward, I would definitely recommend that you proactively search out and maintain strong social systems. Find and build relationships with people who have similar Visions and Values to your own, while providing each other with complementary expertise and skills sets.

I’ll be posting each Tuesday about my experiences, observations, and thoughts related to the project launch, as well as other related and/or assorted goings-on. I’m hoping that you will join me, and that you find it an interesting, entertaining, and helpful journey!  Please share this blog with others who might find it useful, such as entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, program/project management professionals, speakers, and anyone else you think just might be plain curious! Thanks for your time, and here’s looking forward to the next step! Nigel

4 thoughts on “Group Work

  1. Hey Nigel! Great post! Although entrepreneurship is not an easy road, experiencing life outside your comfort zone while getting the chance to work with like-minded people definitely has it’s rewards!


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