Don’t Hate, Bait, or Wait. ACTIVATE.

Please join me each week to read about experiences, observations, and thoughts related to the project launch (March 2019), as well as other assorted goings-on. If you enjoy what you read, please like, comment, and/or share this blog to help get the word out. Thanks for your time, and here’s looking forward to the next step! Nigel

Note to American readers: All the best for today’s historic Midterm elections.

Emerston’s new project will drive engagement and meaningful change around the world. The formal launch is targeted for March 2019…but the change starts NOW.  And more importantly, it’s possible that YOU may be involved!

The ‘Micro-Project’ Program.

We are thrilled to announce the return of our ‘Micro-Project’ Program! It’s our way of helping kickstart change on a grassroots level, by putting our money (and time) where our mouths are.

Why should you care? Well, in addition to benefiting the community, it’s also a potential opportunity for you professionally and personally! It can add value to your CV/résumé, help you make some interesting business/social connections, and provide you with marketing (you and your project will be heavily featured in this blog).

What is a Micro-Project?

A micro-project is a relatively bite-sized yet impact-rich piece of work with a limited timeframe and budget, and clear and measurable results. The constraints on time and money are intended to encourage imagination and creativity.

Possible examples might be:

  • Running an ‘Intro to Meditation’ course
  • Holding a basic ‘Business Skills’ workshop
  • Managing a Healthy Cooking class/tasting evening

What is Emerston’s offer?

We’re offering a $1,000 (Canadian) grant, comprised of up to $750 in funding, and $250 in consulting (2 hours). The consulting time will provide you with some overall guidance, to help ensure you get the biggest bang for the buck!

Project Selection Criteria

In order to qualify, the project must:

  • create a positive impact that will endure beyond the project itself
  • take place within the Greater Toronto Area (note: future editions of the Micro-Project Program may be held nationally and internationally)
  • start no earlier than Jan 1, 2019, and finish no later than Mar 31, 2019
  • be a self-contained body of work, with a clear start and finish
  • be regularly covered via the Emerston Project Launch blog/vlog

Next Steps

  • To apply, please submit a short summary (about 250-500 words) of your project idea to Emerston Group. Send an e-mail to nigeloliveira@emerstongroup, including: your name and contact information; your project idea, the benefits/impacts, and a high-level budget and schedule. Deadline for submissions is end of day Monday, Nov 19. Please note that due to anticipated volumes, only those who make the short list will be contacted.

Key Dates

  • Finalize/Notify Short List: Monday, Nov 26.
  • Complete Interviews with Short List Candidates: Monday, Dec 10
  • Announce Grant Recipient: Tuesday, Dec 11

And whether or not you choose to participate in the Micro-Project Program, please remember…don’t hate, bait, or wait. ACTIVATE. It’s on all of us to do our part.

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