Artfully Done

Please join me each week for experiences, observations, and thoughts related to the upcoming project launch (March 2019). Your likes, comments, and shares are very much appreciated…thanks for taking the time to stop by! Nigel

We’re only a few weeks away from 2019, and the beginning of the year coincides with the start of the next Micro-Project initiative!

As a reminder, a Micro-Project is a relatively bite-sized yet impact-rich piece of work with a limited timeframe and budget, and clear and measurable results. The constraints on time and money are intended to encourage imagination and creativity. This round focused on the Toronto, Canada area…but the intent is to expand the program nationally next year, and eventually internationally as well!

Once again, I must thank everyone who applied, and offer my apologies for not being able to respond to each applicant individually due to time constraints. There were some very amazing and powerful proposals, but one stood out amongst the rest…without further adieu, drumroll please!

Micro-Project Grant Recipient: Jasmin Pannu

Jasmin Pannu is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary Artist with works in mural art, custom paintings, illustrations and henna/jagua body art.

Since leaving corporate for a career in the arts, Jasmin has painted 60+ murals in the Toronto area, sold 200+ originals and prints worldwide and has had the honours of exhibiting her art series, ‘Wildlife Collection’ and ‘Cheat Codes’, in prestigious galleries.

In the past year, Jasmin has exhibited her art at the Royal Ontario Museum, painted live at the Museum of Contemporary Art and had media coverage from the likes of CBC Arts, Breakfast Television and the Guardian.

Having made incredible progression in just her first year as a career Artist, Jasmin plans to continue to use her platform to change the perception around the Arts industry to one that is accessible, lucrative and esteemed.

You can follow Jasmin Pannu’s journey here:

Jasmin Pannu’s Micro-Project Proposal

The funds will go towards organizing and executing a networking event in the GTA for artists and art authorities (such as curators, art teachers, local art writers, etc.). A venue will be rented and artists will be invited to show their work. The evening will be a professional networking event in which these often separate groups will come together and connect to further the GTA arts community.

This project comes from two places:

  1. This year I’ve met over a hundred artists (at gallery exhibitions, working alongside me for companies like Inkbox and Martk’d, through social media), and the most common thing they communicate is their lack of community in the arts. Even artists who went to art school do not know many other practicing artists. This is unlike any other profession and should be changed as progress often happens through conversation with peers.
  2. Traditional art institutions such as galleries are simply not providing enough value. Many artists strive for gallery representations as their career milestone, meanwhile it is not uncommon for exhibitions to go on for weeks with little sold to show for it. Artists should be empowered to market themselves as opposed to relying on institutions (some of whom are struggling to market themselves in this changing digital world).

The Impact:

To help local artists thrive in the way of building industry connections, supporting one another, opening dialogue on important aspects like self-marketing and to demonstrate the link between art and lucrative entrepreneurship by leading by example. Society is better served with good art, local talent (and businesses) and successful entrepreneurs.

Emerston’s Selection Summary

Even though there were several excellent proposals, Jasmin’s stood out for a few reasons:

  • An artists-centric project was an attention grabber. Now, more than ever, we need art. Art inspires us in so many different ways. It helps foster creativity, communication, and emotion.
  • Jasmin put together a very well-thought proposal, including a schedule and budget.
  • Based on additional details derived during the interview process, it became clear that the intended benefits would continue to accrue well after the event had completed.

Please join me in congratulating Jasmin on this grant! We’ll be providing Micro-Project progress updates via the blog during the January – March timeframe, as well a report on the event itself!

Next week’s post will be the final one for 2018; we’ll be taking a couple weeks off for the holidays, and then back again on Tuesday, January 8th!

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