I Do.

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No…I’m not finally taking the plunge.

Maybe the right woman is out there somewhere, but I think it’s safe to say the wedding ceremony is still a ways off. I mean, we should probably meet and go out on a couple of dates before getting too far ahead of ourselves.

That reminds me of my recent social media post: ‘Midwife’ sounds like someone between a girlfriend and a wife. Like, “I’m not sure I’m ready to get married, so I’m trying out a serious relationship with a midwife.”

I Do‘ refers to Action vs. Words. Or, to put it another way, Doing, rather than (only) Speaking.

Every December, there seems to be a lot of debate about the ‘proper’ thing to say. ‘Merry Christmas’? ‘Seasons Greetings’? ‘Happy Festivus’?

And every December, my first thought is…’Who cares?’! Regardless of what you believe (or don’t believe, for that matter), is arguing about language truly the right way to live out the spirit of this time of year?

I think we’d all be better off concentrating on what we DO, rather than worrying so much about what we (and others) SAY. And while we’re at it, given how close we are to the new year…I propose (call-back pun intended) we do that for the next 12 months as well, straight through to the next holiday season.

So…how is this connected to Emerston’s new project (launching early 2019)?

Our brand new global initiative will help enable and drive change, with a constant focus on achieving real, measurable, and meaningful results. Discussion and Debate is important; establishing Strategy and Plans is key; but without proper Execution, Implementation, and Follow-up…all the other work would be for nothing. And life’s too short and too precious to let that happen.

I sincerely hope you’ll be a part of our new adventure!

This is the final blog post for 2018. Have a great few weeks with friends and family, and enjoy what I hope is an excellent start to 2019! We’ll be back with a new post on Tuesday, Jan 8th.

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