Technical Difficulties

Please join me each week for experiences, observations, and thoughts related to the upcoming project launch (March 2019).

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I’ve worked with Technology in one form or another for about twenty-five years. Of course, back in the 1990s, Technology looked very different to what it is today…even calling it ‘Technology’ feels a little antiquated.

After graduating from Brock University, I became a Programmer. A few years later, I moved into Software Testing. Both roles taught me a lot. First off, I learned that I wasn’t interested in Programming and Software Testing. I also gleaned that even Technology itself wasn’t that compelling to me. It did, however, give me a solid grounding in several computing concepts…and even though the details have changed over the years, many of those concepts remain solidly in place.

The most important lesson I learned was that I enjoyed understanding the bigger picture. This included:

  • seeing how a system’s component parts fit together and interacted
  • serving as a liaison between the technology, business, and supporting areas
  • appreciating how technology served a greater purpose, rather than itself

These three things are still fundamentally important to me…which brings me to the upcoming Business.

(Not) Technically Speaking.

At a very high-level, the new business is about driving meaningful change. We’ll be doing that in various different ways, and the first offering will be Technology-focused.

The guiding principle of this first offering is that technology is meant to serve the needs of humanity, and should not be an end in and of itself.

With accelerating rates of technological disruption, societal/political impacts are often an after-thought, rather than baked in upfront into strategy and execution. Unfortunately, this results in all manner of negative impacts to Quality of Life. We will help elevate the visibility of those potential impacts, as well as discuss and execute ways to alleviate (and even prevent) them.

Although topics will be technology-related, the intended target audience includes those inside AND outside of the tech industry; discussion will be in plain English rather than techno-speak.

Journey to Launch.

Between now and launch (end of March 2019), this blog will continue to provide updates on the upcoming initiative.

We’ll also focus on a ten-week ‘Special Series’. To help provide you with a taste of what’s coming, we’ll be taking a brief look at 10 Big current topics related to Artificial Intelligence and associated Technology.

Please be sure to join us next week for our first Big Tech topic!

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