Special Edition: Micro-Project Update

This is a special update focused on our ‘Micro-Project’ program!

There is so much happening as part of our upcoming Project Launch, we wanted to ensure we gave the Micro-Project the attention it deserves; hence this special Thursday-edition post!

The ‘Micro-Project’ Program.

As a reminder, our ‘Micro-Project’ Program is our way of helping kickstart change on a grassroots level, by putting our money (and time) where our mouths are.

A micro-project is a relatively bite-sized yet impact-rich piece of work with a limited timeframe and budget, and clear and measurable results. The constraints on time and money are intended to encourage imagination and creativity.

Micro-Project Grant Recipient (2019): Jasmin Pannu

Jasmin Pannu is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary Artist with works in mural art, custom paintings, illustrations and henna/jagua body art.

Since leaving corporate for a career in the arts, Jasmin has painted 60+ murals in the Toronto area, sold 200+ originals and prints worldwide and has had the honours of exhibiting her art series, ‘Wildlife Collection’ and ‘Cheat Codes’, in prestigious galleries.

In the past year, Jasmin has exhibited her art at the Royal Ontario Museum, painted live at the Museum of Contemporary Art and had media coverage from the likes of CBC Arts, Breakfast Television and the Guardian.

Having made incredible progression in just her first year as a career Artist, Jasmin plans to continue to use her platform to change the perception around the Arts industry to one that is accessible, lucrative and esteemed.

You can follow Jasmin Pannu’s journey here:

Micro-Project Update.

First off, it’s important to mention that the nature of this Micro-Project was altered (with good reason). It was originally going to be event-focused…however, it was soon discovered that there was another similar event already planned for the same time period. So, by mutual agreement between Emerston and Jasmin, the project took on a ‘podcast’ format, while maintaining the original spirit and objectives of the event.

As I’ve mentioned on previous occasions, flexibility for Project Managers is extremely vital. Unanticipated issues (or opportunities, depending on one’s perspective) will occur from time to time.

I’m thrilled to let you know that the Micro-Project is well underway, and that it continues to be a pleasure to partner with Jasmin on this initiative.

Recent updates include:

  • web domain and Instagram have been set up
  • website design currently taking place
  • initial podcast interviews have been booked
  • audio equipment and software have been purchased and set-up

Also of note, Jasmin was interviewed for an ‘entrepreneurial’ podcast series. We’re looking forward to hearing the interview, and will forward the link when we have it available!

Please remember that each of us has the power and the obligation to make a difference. Don’t wait for someone else to step up…get involved and get to work making the world a better place.

Please be sure to join us this coming Tuesday for our next Big Tech topic!

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