Unto The Breach

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Miroir Noir.

If you’re into Technology, then you probably know all about the television show ‘Black Mirror’. On the off-chance you’re not familiar, it’s a dark (and depending on one’s point-of-view…optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic) take on where technology and humanity are headed.

Things have already progressed well beyond ‘Life Imitating Art’. Black Mirror and reality are repeatedly criss-crossing their way into the future. The show draws on real-world technological achievements, while also serving to inspire new developments.

The episode ‘Be Right Back’ focused on the creation of an artificial version of a person who had previously existed. As with most of Black Mirror’s content, the technology doesn’t seem that far off from what’s already achievable.

In this story, the person in question had already died, prior to their re-creation. However, it made me wonder: Once the technology actually exists to replicate what happens in the episode, what would prevent the same thing from happening, even if the original person was still alive? The answer? “Not much”.

Identify Theft.

Every now and then, ‘Identity Theft’ news makes the rounds…and in one truly heinous case, so did a film starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy….but that was far too disturbing to talk about here.

However, it’s safe to say that “we ain’t seen nothing yet”. With the coming technological advancements, coupled with a confluence of exacerbating factors, Identify Theft will be taken to a whole new level.

  • There is a treasure-trove of information on the internet about almost everyone. Combine everything publicly available about you on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., and an accurate profile can be recreated fairly quickly.
  • When Shakespeare wrote, “Once more unto the breach”, it was prophetic about the vulnerability of our most private – and supposedly secure – information. More and more often, we hear about personal data being stolen or appropriated for unintended purposes…and it’s only going to get worse.
  • Advances in coding and Artificial Intelligence will exponentially increase the effectiveness and efficiency of fraudulent applications of all that public and private information. For example, scenarios are just around the corner where we’re not going to be able to distinguish a real person (even one we know well) from a facsimile. The possibilities for misuse and abuse are limitless.

Emerston’s upcoming business will be dedicated to raising awareness of these types of issues, and working with experts and clients from various industries, in order to mitigate them. Our individual and collective Quality of Life counts on recognizing, understanding, and dealing with these threats.

Please be sure to join us next week for our next Big Tech topic!

2 thoughts on “Unto The Breach

  1. Nigel, right now anything is possible. Have you seen the movie “Wag the Dog”?
    Every piece of content you see today could have been constructed digitally, even content from the past can be re written. Famous events in history can be deleted or edited to suit any narrative, and very well may have already been edited. As only the winners write history. Video syncing different words into innocent peoples mouths to suit your narrative. Combined with near complete ownership of all mediums by the few, anything and everything is possible to manipulate the individual and the masses through control of media, government, and the education system. We’ve never met, you could be or l could be a created character a virtual bot running off an ever learning Ai feed, sent on missions for our masters. We need all of our rights returned to us and our digital rights protected worldwide now, the many must demand it, to break the current chains, before the few complete their plans. We can create our own reality we are powerful beings, all of us.


  2. Much of technology’s use has the ability to enter the fuzzy realm of unethical. A smart home can turn into a creepy home. The maker of the technology isn’t necessarily thinking of the extreme harm that may come as a result of conception of creative coding. This may be where the gap exists. Perhaps the design process should include more effort into the possible reverse engineering, (AKA hacking) and how to solve that. This also leads me to wonder about the mentoring or guidance of the creator. What is the average demographic of the creator of this genre of technology? Does he or she have the experience or moral compass to have so much influence on our lives? Perhaps because of the speed of advancement in technology you have not considered this before. Maybe now is a good time.


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